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User’s Guide
CTK-CKAL Check-All Universal Cable Tester
Addlogix’s CTK-CKAL Check-All Universal
Cable Tester is equipped with two
microprocessors that allow the tester to check
up to 5 twisted pairs (10 pins) of shielded or
unshielded patch cables. The Check-All
also comes with built-in tone generator to
allow users to quickly trace wiring using tone
probes. The secondary “twin” unit is designed
to provide the same function as the main unit
as it offers the same LED display to provide
the same result as the main unit, and it also has its own pair of TX / RX ports to conduct
testing on its own.
Test RJ45 (8P8C) as well as RJ48 (10P10C) cables
Provides pin-by-pin configuration of 1-10 pin cables
Traces cable / network port with its built-in tone generator
Checks datacomm / network, voice / telecomm, cross over and shielded cables for
shorts, opens, crossed pairs, and mis-wiring
Provide test results on both the main test unit and the secondary test unit
Auto off with low battery indicator prevents misreads
Great for home office and commercial network installations and maintenance
1. Testing a Cable: Since test results are available on both the main and the
secondary test units, plug on end of the cable into the main test unit’s TX socket and
the other end to the secondary test unit’s RX socket. Simply push the “On/Mode”
button to display the test results.
2. Available Test Modes: Set the tester at different testing modes by using the
“On/Mode” buttons.
a. TX
RX test mode: Press On/Mode once to allow test signals are sent from
the TX port through the cable into the RX port
LED will illuminate in sequence one at a time on both the main unit and