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of 75
Appendix <#023> to <#025>
*1 A base of 10 (common logarithm) is used if no base is specified.
k Power Functions and Power Root
•Power functions and power root functions can be used in the COMP,
STAT, EQN, MATRIX, TABLE, and VECTOR calculation modes.
•The X
, X
, X
functions can be used in complex number
calculations in the CMPLX Mode, and complex number arguments
are supported.
The X^, '(,
'(, ^'( functions can be used in the CMPLX
Mode, as long as complex numbers are not used as their
Appendix <#026> to <#030>
k Integration Calculations
This calculator performs integration using the Gauss-Kronrod method
of numerical integration.
( f(x), a, b, tol
f(x): Function of X (All non-X variables are treated as
a: Integration interval lower limit
b: Integration interval upper limit
tol:Tolerance range (input/output format: Linear)
•You can omit specification of the tolerance range. A default value
of 1 × 10
is used when you do.
(, d/dx(, Pol(, Rec(, and Σ( cannot be used within f(x), a, b, or tol.
•Integration calculations can be performed in the COMP Mode only.
The integration result will be negative when f(x) < 0 within an
integration interval that conforms with a < x < b.
Example: (0.5X
– 2, –2, 2) = –5.333333333
•A “Time Out” error occurs when an integration calculation ends
without the ending condition being fulfilled.
•When performing an integration calculation involving trigonometric
functions, specify Rad as the calculator’s default angle unit.
Integration calculations can take considerable time to complete.
•A smaller tol value provides better precision, but it also causes
the calculation to take more time. Specify a tol value that is 1 ×
or greater.
•You cannot input a tol value when using Math format.
There may be large error in obtained integration values and errors
may occur due to the type of function being integrated, the presence
of positive and negative values in the integration interval, or the
•Pressing A will interrupt an ongoing integration calculation.