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Deleting All STAT Editor Contents
(1)Press 11(STAT)3(Edit).
(2)Press 2(Del-A).
This clears all of the sample data on the STAT editor screen.
•Note that you can perform the procedures under “Inserting a Line”
and “Deleting All STAT Editor Contents” only when the STAT editor
screen is on the display.
k STAT Calculation Screen
The STAT calculation screen is for performing statistical calculations
with the data you input with the STAT editor screen. Pressing the
A key while the STAT editor screen is displayed switches to the
STAT calculation screen.
The STAT calculation screen also uses Linear format, regardless of
the current input/output format setting on the calculator’s setup
k Using the STAT Menu
While the STAT editor screen or STAT calculation screen is on the
display, press 11(STAT) to display the STAT menu.
The content to the STAT menu depends on whether the currently
selected statistical operation type uses a single variable or paired
Single-variable Statistics Paired-variable Statistics
STAT Menu Items
Common Items
Select this
When you want to do this:
menu item:
Display the statistical calculation type selection
2Data Display the STAT editor screen
Display the Edit sub-menu for editing STAT editor
screen contents
Display the Sum sub-menu of commands for
calculating sums
Display the Var sub-menu of commands for
calculating the mean, standard deviation, etc.
Display the MinMax sub-menu of commands for
obtaining maximum and minimum values