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39D-Link DIR-615 User Manual
Section 3 - Configuration
Dynamic Domain Name System is a method of
keeping a domain name linked to a changing IP
Address. Check the box to enable DDNS.
Choose your DDNS provider from the drop
down menu and click the << button.
Enter the Host Name that you registered with
your DDNS service provider.
Enter the Username for your DDNS account.
Enter the Password for your DDNS account.
Server Address:
Host Name:
Username or Key:
Password or Key:
The DDNS feature allows you to host a server (Web, FTP, Game Server, etc…) using a domain name that you have
purchased (www.whateveryournameis.com) with your dynamically assigned IP address. Most broadband Internet
Service Providers assign dynamic (changing) IP addresses. Using a DDNS service provider, your friends can enter in
your domain name to connect to your server no matter what your IP address is.