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Chapter 2: Planning Your Wireless Network
Network Layout
Wireless-G Broadband Router
The Wireless-G Broadband Router is compatible with all 802.11b and 802.11g adapters, such as the Notebook
Adapters (WPC54G, WPC11) for your laptop computers, PCI Adapter (WMP54G, WMP11) for your desktop PC, and
USB Adapter (WUSB54G, WUSB11) when you want to enjoy USB connectivity. The Broadband Router will also
communicate with the Wireless PrintServer (WPS54G) and Wireless Ethernet Bridges (WET54G, WET11).
When you wish to connect your wireless network with your wired network, you can use the Wireless-G
Broadband Router’s four LAN ports. To add more ports, any of the Wireless-G Broadband Router's LAN ports can
be connected to any of Linksys's switches (such as the SD205 or SD208).
With these, and many other, Linksys products, your networking options are limitless. Go to the Linksys website at
www.linksys.com for more information about products that work with the Wireless-G Broadband Router.