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Chapter 6: Configuring the Wireless-G Broadband Router
Wireless-G Broadband Router
Chapter 6: Configuring the Wireless-G Broadband Router
Linksys recommends using the Setup CD-ROM for first-time installation of the Router. If you do not wish to run
the Setup Wizard on the Setup CD-ROM, then you can use the Web-based Utility to configure the Router. For
advanced users, you may configure the Router’s advanced settings through the Web-based Utility.
This chapter will describe each web page in the Utility and each page’s key functions. The utility can be accessed
via your web browser through use of a computer connected to the Router. For a basic network setup, most users
will use these two screens of the Utility:
Basic Setup. On the Basic Setup screen, enter the settings provided by your ISP.
Management. Click the Administration tab and then the Management tab. The Router’s default password is
admin. To secure the Router, change the Password from its default.
There are seven main tabs: Setup, Wireless, Security, Access Restrictions, Applications & Gaming, Administration,
and Status. Additional tabs will be available after you click one of the main tabs.
To access the Web-based Utility, launch Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, and enter the Router’s default IP
address,, in the Address field. Then press Enter.
A password request page, shown in Figure 6-1 will appear. (Non-Windows XP users will see a similar screen.)
Leave the User Name field blank. The first time you open the Web-based Utility, use the default password admin.
(You can set a new password from the Administration tab’s Management screen.) Then click the OK button.
HAVE YOU: Enabled TCP/IP on your PCs? PCs
communicate over the network with this protocol.
Refer to “Appendix D: Windows Help” for more
information on TCP/IP.
NOTE: For first-time installation, Linksys
recommends using the Setup Wizard on the Setup
CD-ROM. If you want to configure advanced settings,
use this chapter to learn about the Web-based Utility.
Figure 6-1: Password Screen