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Chapter 6: Configuring the Wireless-G Broadband Router
The Wireless Tab - Advanced Wireless Settings
Wireless-G Broadband Router
Fragmentation Threshold. This value specifies the maximum size for a packet before data is fragmented into
multiple packets. If you experience a high packet error rate, you may slightly increase the Fragmentation
Threshold. Setting the Fragmentation Threshold too low may result in poor network performance. Only minor
reduction of the default value is recommended. In most cases, it should remain at its default value of 2346.
RTS Threshold. Should you encounter inconsistent data flow, only minor reduction of the default value, 2347, is
recommended. If a network packet is smaller than the preset RTS threshold size, the RTS/CTS mechanism will
not be enabled. The Router sends Request to Send (RTS) frames to a particular receiving station and negotiates
the sending of a data frame. After receiving an RTS, the wireless station responds with a Clear to Send (CTS)
frame to acknowledge the right to begin transmission. The RTS Threshold value should remain at its default value
of 2347.
AP Isolation. This isolates all wireless clients and wireless devices on your network from each other. Wireless
devices will be able to communicate with the Router but not with each other. To use this function, select On. AP
Isolation is Off by default.
Secure Easy Setup. This feature allows you to enable or disable the SecureEasySetup feature. Select Disable to
disable the feature and turn off the button’s light. The feature is enabled by default.
Change these settings as described here and click the Save Settings button to apply your changes or Cancel
Changes to cancel your changes.