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Appendix A: Troubleshooting
Frequently Asked Questions
Wireless-G Broadband Router
What is WEP?
WEP is Wired Equivalent Privacy, a data privacy mechanism based on a 64-bit or 128-bit shared key algorithm, as
described in the IEEE 802.11 standard.
What is a MAC Address?
The Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique number assigned by the manufacturer to any Ethernet
networking device, such as a network adapter, that allows the network to identify it at the hardware level. For all
practical purposes, this number is usually permanent. Unlike IP addresses, which can change every time a
computer logs onto the network, the MAC address of a device stays the same, making it a valuable identifier for
the network.
How do I reset the Router?
Press the Reset button on the back panel for about five seconds. This will reset the Router to its default settings.
How do I resolve issues with signal loss?
There is no way to know the exact range of your wireless network without testing. Every obstacle placed between
the Router and a wireless PC will create signal loss. Lead glass, metal, concrete floors, water and walls will
inhibit the signal and reduce range. Start with the Router and your wireless PC in the same room and move it
away in small increments to determine the maximum range in your environment.
You may also try using different channels, as this may eliminate interference affecting only one channel.
I have excellent signal strength, but I cannot see my network.
Wireless security is probably enabled on the Router, but not on your wireless adapter (or vice versa). Verify that
the same wireless security method and passphrase/keys are being used on all devices of your wireless network.
How many channels/frequencies are available with the Router?
There are eleven available channels, ranging from 1 to 11, in North America. There may be additional channels
available in other regions, subject to the regulations of your region and/or country.
If your questions are not addressed here, refer to the Linksys website, www.linksys.com.