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Owner's of the Motorola Headphones Motorola Tx500 Self Install Car Kit gave it a score of 3.8 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
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    3.0 out of 5
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Using Your Car Kit
dial a number from the phone
use voice activation
See “Making a Call with the Car Kit’s Internal Voice Recognition” on page 13.
In both cases, you must first link your car kit and phone as described in “Linking Your Car
Kit and Phone” on page 8.
When connected, the call is hands free.
Making a Call with the Car Kit’s Internal Voice Recognition
Before you can use your car kit’s Voice Recognition, you must:
Record voice names for phone book entries on your car kit—See “
# 8 # Record
Name” on page 12.
Activate Voice Recognition Mode—See “Turning on Voice Recognition Mode” below.
Turning on Voice Recognition Mode
By default, the car kit’s Voice Recognition is disabled. It is turned on the first time you enter
Training Mode and record a name. You can then selectively disable it and enable it again,
depending on whether you want to use Voice Recognition on the car kit or on your phone.
To turn on the car kit’s Voice Recognition Mode, enter
# 0 #
(using your phone’s
To exit the car kit’s Voice Recognition Mode, enter
# 0 #
Placing a Call
Activate Voice Recognition Mode on the car kit. (See “Turning on Voice Recognition
Mode” on page 13 above.)
Press and release (within three seconds) the Voice Recognition Button.
From the car kit’s speaker, you will hear “say a name.”
Say the name of the entry you want to call.
When the car kit recognizes the name, it automatically dials the number. You will hear
“calling,” followed by the name you said.
To use the functions described below, a Bluetooth link must be established between the car
kit and your phone. Most phones automatically activate a Bluetooth connection when you
place a call.
During an active call with no Bluetooth link established, you can still transfer the call to the
car kit:
Press and release (in less than three seconds) the Bluetooth Button
. A Bluetooth
link is established, and the call is hands free. (Your phone must support this feature.)
When Car Kit Voice Recognition
Is .. . .
Pressing Voice Recognition Button
Activates . . .
disabled PHONE’s voice dial feature
enabled CAR KIT’s Voice Recognition