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Playing CDsGetting Started
Playing CDs
Playing Alternately (No-Delay
Play/X-Fade Play)
When you connect the second player, you can play
tracks in this player and those from the second player
alternately from any play mode (see “Connecting
Another CD Player” on page 6).
Select one of the following methods:
No-Delay Play: The current player changes at each
track. Each time the current player changes to the
other player, the other player starts play without a
break in sound immediately after the current player
ends play. The other player skips the lead-in portion
and starts playing from where the sound actually
X-Fade Play: The current player changes at each
track or at the specified interval. You can select the
interval, 30, 60 or 90 seconds. Each time the current
player changes to the other player, the sound from
both players is mixed. The current player ends play
by fading out, and the other player starts play by
fading in.
1 Select the play mode you want on each player.
2 When you select No-Delay Play
“NO DELAY” appears in the display.
When you select X-Fade Play
Press X-FADE.
“X-FADE” appears in the display.
Each time you press the X-FADE button, the
indication appears as follows:
To change the current player each time a whole
track is finished, select “at track end.”
To change the current player at the specified
interval, press X-FADE repeatedly until the
interval you want appears in the display.
n X-FADE off n at track end n after 30 sec
after 90 sec N after 60 sec N
3 Press · to start playing.
The MEGA CONTROL button lights up while the
track in the second player is selected.
To cancel No-Delay/X-Fade Play
Press the corresponding button repeatedly until
“NO DELAY” or “X-FADE” disappears from the display. The
current player continues playing.
You can change the method (No-Delay or X-Fade)
during play
Press the corresponding button (NO DELAY or X-FADE)
following the procedure in Step 2.
You can start X-Fade at any point of the track
Press FADER during X-Fade Play.
Even after you have set the X-Fade mode and started
X-Fade play, you can start X-Fade manually at any point
you like. Note that you cannot do this operation while
the sound from both players is mixed.
The play starts from the second player if you start play
while the MEGA CONTROL button is lit.
When one player has played all the discs/tracks in the
player ahead of the other player, the play stops.
Do not use the controls on the second player during
No-Delay/X-Fade Play. They may not work correctly.
Controlling the Player by
Another Unit
When you connect the player to a Sony MD deck
compatible with the Mega Control function or operate
a Sony MD deck by using the computer software like
“MD Editor,” you must set the player as shown below:
1 Press MENU/NO.
2 Turn the JOG dial until “CONTROL A1 ?” appears
in the display window.
3 Press YES.
To return to normal setting
After following steps 1 and 2, and “CONTROL A1 ?” is
displayed, then press YES.
You can perform the operation above correctly only when
you operate Disc 1 to Disc 200.
You cannot operate this player correctly from another
player which does not have the CONTROL A1 jack. In
this case, operate the other player from this player.
I / u