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Sheet 6
4-3. Redialing the Last Dialed Number
Pick up the handset from the cradle.
Press [redial/pause].
Press [TALK/ash] or [ ].
Pick up the handset from the cradle.
Press [TALK/ash] or [ ].
Listen for the dial tone.
Press [redial/pause].
4-4. Adjusting the Speaker Volume
You can change the speaker volume on the handset earpiece, or the handset speakerphone.
When you are on a normal call, press [ ] to make the earpiece louder or [ ] to make it softer.
The handset display shows the current volume level for the earpiece.
When you are using the speakerphone, use [ ] or [ ] to change the speaker volume. The handset display
shows the current volume level for the handset speakerphone.
There are four volume levels: LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, and MAXIMUM.
The handset earpiece and the handset speakerphone have separate volume settings.
If you hear three quick error beeps, it means the earpiece or speaker is already at the lowest (LOW) or highest
(MAXIMUM) volume level.
4-5. Finding the Handset
To locate the handset, press [nd hs] on the base. The handset will beep for sixty seconds.
To cancel paging, press [nd hs] again, press any key on the handset, or put the handset back in the base.
4-6. Muting the Ringer
When the phone is ringing, you can mute the ringer on the handset. Muting stops the ringer for the current call
only: the ringer will sound with the next incoming call. You can only mute the handset ringer if the handset is
already o the cradle when the handset starts ringing. Press [END] to mute the incoming ring.
4-7. Voice Mail Waiting IndicatorVoice Mail Waiting Indicator
If you subscribe to voice mail service through your local telephone company, you can use your cordless
telephone to access your voice mailbox. The voice mail company will provide you with the access number.
The /in use LED on the base of your phone ashes whenever you have messages waiting in your voice mailbox.
To access your voice mailbox
Just dial the access number supplied by your voice mail provider to enter your mailbox. You can program your
voice mail access number to a speed dial number.
If the voice mail waiting indicator remains on after you have retrieved your messages, press and hold [nd hs]
for ve seconds. This will reset the indicator.
4-8. Using an Optional Headset
To install a headset, remove the headset jack cover and insert the headset plug
into the headset jack.
When you connect a headset, the earpiece and speakerphone are automatically
muted. If you want to re-activate the earpiece or speakerphone, remove the
headset plug.
You will still make and receive calls as usual: just use your headset to talk to the
caller once the call connects.
You can purchase headsets from our website at www.uniden.com or by calling our Parts Department (See the
back cover page).
5) Using Caller ID and Call Waiting
If you subscribe to Caller ID from your phone company, your phone will show you the caller's phone number and
name (if available) whenever a call comes in. If you subscribe to both Call Waiting and Caller ID, the phone also
shows you the name and the number of any call that comes in while you're on the line.
5/11 12:30PM
Jane Smith
The date and time received
Caller's name
Caller's Phone Number
Note: If you answer a call before the Caller ID record is received (for example, before the second ring), the Caller
ID record will not appear.
The phone stores the Caller ID information for up to thirty incoming calls - even unanswered calls. If the phone
receives more Caller ID records than it can store, the oldest record in the list is automatically deleted.
For information on storing Caller ID records in the phonebook, see section 6-6.
5-1. Reviewing the Caller ID Record List
You can review the Caller ID list when the handset is in standby or during a call.
Press [cid/menu]. The summary screen displays the total number of CID
records along with the number of new CID records (that is, calls that you
haven't reviewed yet).
Use [ ] to scroll through the records from the latest to the earliest, or
use [ ] to scroll through the records from the earliest to the latest.
Press [cid/menu] to exit the Caller ID list.
For new Caller ID records, the phone keeps a count of the number of calls
received from the same caller (instead of saving the information multiple
times). The Caller ID record shows the time and date of the most recent call
from that number, and the number of calls appears next to the received time.
The phone only maintains this count for new or “unviewed” records: once you
review that record, the number is cleared.
5-2. Making a Call from the Caller ID List
With the phone in standby, press [cid/menu].
Use [ ] or [ ] to nd the Caller ID record you want to call.
If you need to add or delete a “1” from the displayed phone number, press [1].
What’s this “add or delete a 1” about?
Any phone number in the Caller ID records might (or might not!) have a “1” at the front, depending on how
dierent phone companies send the Caller ID information.
The phone dials the number exactly as it appears in the Caller ID record.
If the phone number is a long distance or toll call, but the Caller ID record does not have a “1” in front of the
number, press [1] to add it.
If the phone number is a local or non-toll call, but the Caller ID record has a “1” in front of the number, press
[1] to delete it.
Press [TALK/ash] or [ ] to dial the number.
Note: You can also press [TALK/ash] or [ ] before you access the Caller ID list. When you come to the
phone number you want to dial, press [select/channel].
Caller ID
New :01
Caller ID
New :01
12/30 11:59PM 01
Jane Smith
12/30 11:59PM 01
Jane Smith