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of 75
•You cannot edit the contents of a cell.
•To switch to the matrix calculation screen, press A.
•While the MatAns screen is on the display, you can press an
arithmetic operator key (like + or -) and use the screen contents
in a subsequent calculation, just as with Answer Memory contents.
For more information, see “Using Answer Memory to Perform a
Series of Calculations”.
k Matrix Menu Items
The following are the menu items on the matrix menu that appears
when you press 14(MATRIX).
Select this
When you want to do this:
menu item:
Select a matrix (MatA, MatB, MatC) and specify its
Select a matrix (MatA, MatB, MatC) and display its
data on the matrix editor screen
3MatA Input “MatA”
4MatB Input “MatB”
5MatC Input “MatC”
6MatAns Input “MatAns”
7det Input the “det(” function for obtaining the determinant
8Tr n
Input the “Trn(” function for obtaining a transposed
data in Matrix
<#096> Input MatA
, MatC =
11 0–1 1
<#097> Copy MatA =
to MatB and edit the contents
of MatB to MatB =
–1 2
The following examples use the matrices input in Examples <#096>
and <#097> (MatA, MatB, MatC).
<#098> MatA + MatB (Adding Two Matrices)
<#099> MatA × MatB, MatB × MatA – MatA × MatB (Multiplying
Tw o Matrices)
<#100> 3 × MatA (Matrix Scalar Multiplication)
<#101> Obtain the determinant of Matrix A (det(MatA)).
<#102> Obtain the transposition of Matrix C (Trn(MatC)).
<#103> Obtain the inverse matrix of Matrix A (MatA
•Use the E key to input “
”. Note that you cannot use
6 for this input.