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Section 10
Program Editing
There are various reasons why you might want to modify a program you have
stored in Program memory: to correct a program that turns out to have errors; to
insert new instructions such as
to store intermediate results or
to display
intermediate results; or to replace a
instruction by an
Rather than clearing program memory and keying in the modified program, you
can modify the program already stored in the calculator. This is called program
Changing the Instruction in a Program Line
To change a single instruction in program memory:
1. Press fs to set the calculator to Program mode.
2. Use Ç, Ü, or i. to set the calculator to the program line preceding
the line containing the instruction to be changed.
3. Key in the new instruction.
For example, to change the instruction stored in program line 005, press
004, then key in the new instruction that is to be stored in program line
005. The instruction previously stored in line 005 will be replaced; it is not
automatically “bumped” into line 006.
With the last program from the preceding section still stored in the
calculator, suppose you wanted to use register R
for some other purpose, and so
you needed to replace the
2 instruction in program line 005 in the RPN
program (line 007 in the ALG program) with, say,
6. You could change the
instruction in line 005 as follows:
(RPN mode)
Sets calculator to Program mode.
004,43, 33, 007
Sets calculator to program line
preceding that containing the
instruction to be changed.
005, 45 6
Keys new instruction into program
line 005, replacing the
instruction previously there.