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74 Section 4: Additional Financial Functions
File name: hp 12c pt_user's guide_English_HDPMF123E27 Page: 74 of 275
Printed Date: 2005/8/1 Dimension: 14.8 cm x 21 cm
In summary, to enter the cash flow amounts:
1. Press fCLEARH to clear the financial and storage registers.
2. Key in the amount of the initial investment, press Þ if that cash flow is
negative, then press gJ.
3. Key in the amount of the next cash flow, press Þ if the cash flow is
negative, then press gK. If the cash flow amount is zero in the next
period, press 0 gK.
4. Repeat step 3 for each cash flow until all have been entered.
With the amounts of the cash flows stored in the calculator’s registers, you can
calculate NPV as follows:
1. Enter the interest rate, using ¼ or gC.
2. Press fl.
The calculated value of NPV appears in the display and also is automatically
stored in the PV register.
An investor has an opportunity to buy a duplex for $80,000 and
would like a return of at least 13%. He expects to keep the duplex 5 years and
then sell it for $130,000; and he anticipates the cash flows shown in the diagram
below. Calculate NPV to determine whether the investment would result in a return
or a loss.
Note that although a cash flow amount ($4,500) occurs twice, these cash flows
are not consecutive. Therefore, these cash flows must be entered using the method
described above.
Keystrokes Display
Clears financial and storage
Stores CF
(with minus sign for a
negative cash flow).