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244 Appendix C: More About L
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Searching for IRR.
You can continue searching for IRR solutions, even after an
Error 3
indication, as follows:
1. Make a guess for the interest rate and key it in.
2. Press:gt.
Your guess will aid the calculator in its search, and if it finds an IRR answer near
your guess, that answer will be displayed. Since the calculator cannot tell you the
number of solutions that exist when there is more than one mathematically correct
answer, you can continue to make guesses, pressing
after each one,
to search for IRR solutions.
You can hasten this process by using the
function to help you make a good
guess. Remember that a correct IRR solution will make the calculated NPV very
small. So continue to guess interest rates and solve for NPV until the answer you
obtain is reasonably close to zero. Then press
to calculate the IRR
answer near your guess.
How would this work in case 2 above
The calculator displays a negative answer
and you wish to check for a unique positive IRR. Key in successively larger guesses
for i (starting from 0) and solve for NPV until you reach a sign change in your NPV
outcomes. Then press
to find an IRR solution near the last interest rate
obtained using the
If you stop the IRR iterative process, you can test the interest obtained using
and then restart the process by pressing