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260 Appendix F: Battery, Warranty, and Service Information
File name: hp 12c pt_user's guide_English_HDPMF123E27 Page: 260 of 275
Printed Date: 2005/8/1 Dimension: 14.8 cm x 21 cm
Installing a New Battery
The contents of the calculator’s Continuous Memory are preserved for a short time
while the battery is out of the calculator (provided that you turn off the calculator
before removing the battery). This allows you ample time to replace the battery
without losing data or programs. If the battery is left out of the calculator for an
extended period, the contents of Continuous Memory may be lost.
To install a new battery, use the following procedure:
1. With the calculator turned off, slide the battery cover off.
2. Remove the old battery.
3. Insert a new battery, with positive polarity facing outward.
4. Replace the battery cover.
Be careful not to press any keys while the battery is out of the calculator. If
you do so, the contents of Continuous Memory may be lost and keyboard control
may be lost (that is, the calculator may not respond to keystrokes).
5. Replace the battery compartment cover and press ; to turn on the power.
If for any reason Continuous Memory has been reset (that is, if its contents
have been lost), the display will show Pr Error. Pressing any key will clear
this message.